Swede Savage’s Daughter Angela Discusses Her Father’s UK Luxury Replica Omega Speedmaster

Love You to the Moon
“I’m a huge luxury replica Omega fan,” stated Angela, and when she spots one on somebody else, she gives them the nod of recognition. Not only is her 1:1 fake Omega Speedmaster a treasure from her father, but during our interview, she turned the Speedy over to reveal that it is also a family heirloom. Given to Swede from his dad, David Savage Sr., the caseback is engraved: “SWEDE FROM DAD,” and Angela told me, “Knowing that it was the same [timepiece] worn by the astronauts – he knew that it was a special uk super clone watch.”

The first AAA replica Omega Speedmaster model’s ties to racing were already well established before Savage’s late-1960s pre-Moon model was made. The Speedy was introduced in 1957, and this configuration with its black dial and tachymeter bezel is one of the most classic iterations.

In 1962 perfect fake Omega UK introduced the straight baton hands, and in 1963, the 42mm asymmetrical case, designed to protect the chronograph pushers and crown. The “Professional” marking (as seen here) first appeared on the dial in 1966 when the Speedy was approved by NASA for official use.
Angela graciously allowed us to examine her pre-Moon Omega Speedmaster replica for sale. Interestingly, after 1969, the Hippocampus on the caseback was replaced with the phrases: “The first watch worn on the Moon,” and “Flight qualified by NASA for all manned space missions.” Plus, it is very stirring to see Savage Sr.’s short but sweet note inscribed on the back.

“I wear the cheap fake watch just about every day,” said Angela. “You look at any pictures of him, and he’s wearing it. For most of my life, it was too painful. How was he so wonderful but gone before I got here? But now, when I wear the watch next to my skin, it’s as close as we can be on other sides of the veil. It makes me feel close. He walks with me.”

“When a woman is very pregnant, the baby can get PTSD too. But the posthumous child wasn’t studied until after 9-11. As the subject became better understood, we discovered that knowledge is power,” she explained. Getting involved with the racing community and taking stock of Swede’s legacy has helped her navigate the world. But it has also inspired her to share her story. “Inspiring others is my biggest goal,” Angela added.

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