UK AAA Fake Omega x Swatch BioCeramic Speedmaster MoonSwatch Mission to Jupiter

Before diving into the replica watch itself, I want to take a look at its branding, as it’s actually a feature, and clearly a big part of the story. This, as you know, is a collaboration between sister brands from within the Swatch Group, Swiss made fake Omega, and the eponymous Swatch. One brand made and sold it, yet it’s the design and provenance of the other. On the dial, you’ll find a lot of logos, and an unclear sense of which is the dominant brand. AAA replica Omega gets first billing, and is actually the larger of the two brand logos, despite not being the retailer.
This is cool. 1:1 replica Omega really leaned into this collaboration. I guess it was sort of an all-or-nothing situation given the scope of the project (and to be fair, they have the same owner), but given that they are the luxury brand who, by some logic, would have an “image” to protect in terms of markets and price points, making their brand dominant is a statement. This doesn’t feel like a one-off collaboration, like some “fashion brand x sneaker company”, it’s a serial product that will eventually be on thousands of wrists. It says “there is now a $260 top fake Omega.”

Furthermore, Omega Speedmaster replica for sale is actually on the dial, as is MoonSwatch. Before getting to a bit of the confusion that causes, the fact that Speedmaster is on the dial feels like a really big deal to me. It would have been one thing to make the cheap fake Omega MoonSwatch, branded as such, and say elsewhere it was inspired by the legendary Speedmaster. Honestly, that’s what I would have expected based on my preconceived notions of how luxury brands protect IP. That would have made the connection, but kept things separate. But instead, it’s right there on the dial. This isn’t a lookalike, it’s a best fake Omega Speedmaster, and it’s now a part of that historic family of products.
The use of MoonSwatch does add a bit of confusion, however. Should we call this an AAA copy Omega x Swatch Bioceramic Speedmaster? Or an Omega x Swatch Bioceramic MoonSwatch? Or even Omega x Swatch Bioceramic MoonSwatch Speedmaster? Maybe just Swiss replica Omega MoonSwatch? On Swatch’s website, they are just called the Bioceramic MoonSwatch Collection. Well, I guess it’s all interchangeable, which is the issue.

In the end, there’s what the brands call or want to call it, and then what collectors call it. I think MoonSwatch is probably the fastest, but I kind of like Swiss movement fake Omega Speedmaster MoonSwatch, as the latter replaces “Professional” in the context, which is saved for only the manually wound, 42mm models tested/used/approved by NASA (mostly). Nevertheless, don’t be surprised if I interchange them throughout the review.

The logos go back and forth on the various other accouterments. The packaging actually has fairly little branding, save large S and Ω symbols on its sides and high quality replica Omega x Swatch on the bottom, nestled within the 11 celestial bodies representing the watches. The strap, once again, puts Omega in focus by branding the portion of the strap that attaches below six. Speedmaster then gets dominant branding underneath. SpeedSwatch forever.

The Swiss made fake Omega Speedmaster’s twisted lug case is the stuff of legends. It has remained largely untouched since replacing straight lug Omega Speedmasters replica for sale in 1963, and for good reason. It’s exotic, sensual, and can be beautifully finished to a luxurious effect. It’s also proven. It went to the friggin Moon. Though typically made of steel, it has been rendered in everything from titanium to precious metals to ceramics* in its near 60 years of production. Now, in 2022, a new material gets added into the mix, the unexpected Bioceramic, so let’s take a quick look at what that is. (*Zirconium)

Bio- can be defined as “relating to life,” or organic. Ceramic is generally defined as a material that is molded from inorganic and non-metallic materials, and hardened by high temperature. Thus bioceramic is sort of an oxymoron in that it’s a combination of organic and inorganic. In terms of the specific material, Swatch defines it as ⅓ bio-sourced plastic and ⅔ ceramic. This further confuses things as plastic is typically considered a synthetic, man-made material. In this instance, that is still true, but the source is castor oil, which is heavily processed, and thus “bio”. The ceramic in this mix is still Zirconium Dioxide, or Zirconium, which is the same material you’ll find on most ceramic replica watches online uk.

The Omega Speedmaster replica for sale is one of the most wearable “42mm” watches because that dimension takes into account the asymmetrical right side of the case. This isn’t news to Speedy fans, but for those out there entering the Speedyverse via the Omega MoonSwatch copy Paypal, it’s very worth noting. In fact, a better dimension for the case is 39.8mm, which is the diameter of the bezel. When you look down at the watch, this completely flat surface is more dominant than the edge of the mid-case, so it reads like the end of the watch itself. 39.8mm is a happy medium in my book. Add in the tolerable lug-to-lug, and you have a watch that just wears well.

If the case is a close recreation of the cheap fake Omega Speedmaster, save color, the dial is a loose interpretation. This is partly due to the movement in use, which required a reorganization of the subdials, but also because they weren’t shying away from a little fun with these. They still draw closely from the high end copy Omega Speedmaster language, but, especially in terms of color, they are their own thing.

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