Cheap Omega MoonSwatch Replica Watches For Sale UK

It’s now been two months since AAA replica Omega MoonSwatch took over the known watch universe. Stores are still struggling to get watches in stock, and demand is still high. In fact, just this week, rumors began to swirl that – despite earlier rumblings – the watch would not be made available online and instead remain a fixture of in-store shopping … exclusively.

Having only seen the perfect replica Omega UK in-person briefly at launch, I was particularly excited at the prospect of spending the week with not one, but two models: The Mission to Mars and the Mission to Jupiter (there were 11 in total: Mission to Earth, The Moon, Jupiter, Uranus, The Sun, Mars, Pluto, Saturn, Neptune, Mercury, and Venus). But of course, I couldn’t just wear these high quality fake watches like I would any other watch. I needed to make an experience out of it. I needed to return to where it all began – to Times Square, New York, New York.

Wristed with two 1:1 fake Omega MoonSwatches and a microphone in hand, I posted up outside the Swatch boutique ready to question any passersby who stopped or glanced at the briefcase full of them in the display window. My mission was simple, to get an idea of where the hype stands now that the lines are gone. I wanted to know if this was a flash in the pan, or a true copy watch moment with legs – one that we would remember and look back on the way we talk about the Quartz Crisis.

You’ll be able to see the full breadth of my conversations in the video review, but needless to say the individuals I talked to ran the gamut from luxury fake Omega Speedmaster MoonSwatch clueless to “could write a book about it.” If I take the median subset of those I spoke to, I can say pretty confidently that the watch continues to garner interest and fascination, while maintaining a certain mystique.

I strolled through Times Square with one watch on each wrist and then returned to my own thoughts. Having the cheap replica watches changed my entire thinking on the release. I no longer had to wonder what it would be like to wear one – I was spending a week with two.

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