UK Cheap Fake Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Ultra Deep

O-MEGASTEEL? RLX Titanium? Both perfect fake Omega’s and Rolex’s marketing teams certainly enjoy injecting brand names into proprietary metals. It’s an exciting topic for the future, but that’s not why we are here today for this is the journey to the deep. These two watches take underwater performance to the extreme. But as impressive as the Rolex Deepsea is, this new 1:1 replica Omega Ultra Deep UK lives up to its namesake in about every category. It holds the trump card over the Rolex when it comes to list price, and surprisingly, the top copy Omega Ultra Deep has a specific significance that the Deepsea cannot claim. Let’s find out why.

The story of the new Ultra Deep begins with the Five Deeps Expedition in 2019. But going back further, the Ultra Deep was not luxury fake Omega’s first foray into deep-ocean exploration. Omega has an unwavering lineage of creating dive watches since the 1930s with the Swiss made replica Omega Marine. Robert-Jan Broer’s article on the five best Seamaster models gave a glimpse of the brand’s aquatic legacy. For me, the most iconic waterproof AAA replica Omega UK is the Ploprof. You can probably sense my adoration for the Ploprof here. The Ploprof’s outsized bezel lock and monobloc case are the epitomai of form following function.

The story of the Ultra Deep
While the new top copy Omega Seamaster Ultra Deep aims for a more conventional case layout than the Ploprof, it does so in the most jacked-up way possible. The basic structure of the regular-production Ultra Deep stems from the specialist tool piece that endured the Five Deeps Expedition. Led by renowned explorer Victor Vescovo, the Five Deeps Expedition set the goal of reaching the depths of each of the world’s five oceans. Accompanying Vescovo during the manned descents in the DSV Limiting Factor was the high quality replica Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Ultra Deep Professional. Like the Deepsea, the timepiece sat outside the submersible. During the fourth and penultimate dive of the mission, Vescovo broke the world record for the greatest depth ever reached at 10,927 meters. As such, the tag-along super clone Omega Ultra Deep became a record-breaking watch by withstanding the enormous pressures in the Mariana Trench.

The entire expedition was an extraordinary achievement. To learn more about it, check out this write-up by Mike Stockton as well as his article on the unveiling of the three Swiss movement Omega Seamaster fake watches in London. You can also check out Sky Sit’s article on the Five Deeps event, where we viewed the submersible. Despite the achievement, the 52.5mm × 28.5mm record-breaker is impossibly gargantuan. As fascinating as its accomplishment was for a relatively small object in comparison to the sub, to reach those depths, it’s still a behemoth on the wrist. And all that incredible technology was reserved for an unsalable item. Surely, we hoped, a production version was in the cards. Well, this year, we got our wish.

The Seamaster Planet Ocean Ultra Deep collection
Of the latest Omega Seamaster replica for sale, the titanium model has the closest resemblance to the 15,000m-rated model. Although the titanium is my favorite, the O-MEGASTEEL Ultra Deep is a comparable competitor to the Oystersteel Deepsea. The titanium and steel Omega Ultra Deep copy online share similar technology, but the matte finishing of the titanium case and the bezel set it apart from the steel’s brushed/polished mixture. The fixed “Manta Lugs” with the pass-through fabric strap make the titanium version much lighter. Even so, the 45.5mm × 18.12mm titanium case still tips the scales at 124g.

You can only imagine the mass when it comes to the O-MEGASTEEL Ultra Deep with a matching bracelet. At 51.95mm lug to lug, this is a big boy. The steel Omega replica Paypal UK does not come with the “Manta Lugs” but conventional protruding lugs for use with a bracelet or a strap. Options include black rubber straps with a tang buckle and blue or orange accents (depending on the colorway). The bracelet, which tapers from 22 to 18mm, comes with a sliding clasp and diver’s extension. A less noticeable difference between the steel and titanium models is the case shape. The steel case is symmetrical with crown protectors flanking the crown. In contrast, the titanium super clone watch online features an asymmetrical case with a recessed crown. If I had to choose between the three available colorways and a strap or bracelet, I’d go with the full O-MEGASTEEL version with the blue/black gradient dial.

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