Modern Women’s Watches Aren’t Cutting It. These Vintage UK 1:1 Replica Omegas Show What’s Possible

In 1984, perfect fake Omega released a watch called the De Ville Tennis, an 18K solid yellow-gold stunner with a case shaped like a tennis racket. Sporty and insanely glamorous, it had a champagne dial and diamonds on the bezel. There was also a fully diamond pavé model that came as part of the Tennis Montre et Bijoux set. In 1986, they released a two-tone version, sans gemstones, the more chill cousin of the bunch.

Then came the luxury replica Omega De Ville Symbol. It was two-tone with a 32mm case, and a yin-yang symbol on the dial. It looked like some kind of psychedelic talisman that was stolen from the set of The Holy Mountain, or a logo for a Ram Dass meditation retreat. The movement was quartz, but the design was so incredible that this almost didn’t matter.
Together, these high end fake watches represent what I consider to be a high-water mark of women’s watch design (if not mechanics). The cheap fake Omega De Ville had broken away from the Seamaster category and become its own family back in 1967, the beginning of groovy experimental watch design. The 1970s and ’80s saw it come into its own. And in my view, it has not been equaled since.

That’s a shame.

Industry-wide, women’s watch design still feels like an afterthought. We are given “choices,” but they’re not usually very exciting, and they exist in a narrow framework. We can, for example, take the shrink-it-and-pink-it route. We can purchase dainty quartz replica watches for sale with mother-of-pearl dials. We can buy high jewelry pieces like the Bulgari Serpenti Seduttori Tourbillon, or haute horology like the Vacheron Constantin Traditionnelle Perpetual Calendar Ultra-Thin, except that they barely count because they’re available to such a tiny pool of people.

The current unisex trend is nice, but in a way it just seems like women are being afforded the opportunity of wearing a “man’s watch.” A lot of men’s fake watches for sale uk are too big for most men, let alone women. How about simply making small watches with as much care and imagination as the large ones? Is this so much to ask?

One commenter nailed it in a response to top copy Patek Philippe’s recent Rainbow Aquanaut Luce release: “It’s not enough there are ‘ladies’ pieces in the catalog. It should be pieces that actually excite female consumers and generate buzz. A good example is the AP RO 34 ceramic that came out last year, it was the first truly exciting release focused on female buyers in a while.” I give this observation 10/10 marks.

Swiss movement replica Omega UK is uniquely positioned to solve the problem. The brand has a hugely rich history of women’s watches. Andrew Grima and Gilbert Albert, avant-garde jewelry designers who set trends and epitomized ’70s watch design for women, both made watches for wholesale copy Omega. Grima’s infamous About Time collection was bold, sculptural, and elevated (he made jewelry for the Queen of England, after all). The watches, much like his jewelry, were abstract forms of textured gold with large semi-precious stones that had an organic feel. These designs were ahead of their time, products of a collaboration between a leading jewelry designer and a huge Swiss watch brand that came long before the Tiffany 5711 hysteria.

Earlier this year, perfect fake Omega toured a traveling exhibit called “Her Time,” a beautifully and thoughtfully curated display of women’s watches dating back to the 19th century. The examples ranged from enamel pocket watches to the Marguerite made in 1918 (which was 18k solid gold decorated with diamonds and floral motifs and set on an extendable bracelet), all the way through to the 1955 Ladymatic (a 21mm case size automatic wristwatch, which was the world’s smallest rotor-equipped automatic caliber to be chronometer certified). There were secret jewelry replica watches for sale set with diamonds and rubies. There was even a triangular watch called the Trinidad which caught my eye for its aggressive design; it was shiny, silver, and rigid in a space-age Barbarella kind of way.

By contrast, the latest collection of best quality replica Omega De Ville Prestige are simple, round dress watches. Some of them are all yellow gold (bonus points for this) and some are two-tone with stainless steel. The smaller sizes are cute and easy, Cartier Panthère-style. I would totally wear the yellow gold Prestige in 27.4mm, slung loosely on my wrist: a too cool to care watch à la Bella Hadid. The two-tone 27.4mm with a green alligator strap is also appealing – it looks clean and smooth on my wrist, especially with a dark green strap that perfectly complements the gold bezel (top copy Omega seems to have this color combo down to a T). I could do without the mother-of-pearl dial.

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