Zoë Kravitz Is All For Big Watch Energy With Best Swiss Fake Omega Watches UK

“It’s OK if a man wants to wear a small watch. It doesn’t mean anything more than that,” laughs Zoë Kravitz when we broach the topic of men like Tyler, the Creator, Bad Bunny and Michael B Jordan wearing ladies’ watches at the launch of top replica Omega’s new Aqua Terra collection watches. “And Big Watch Energy?” she says on the roles being reversed and women rocking men’s watches, “I’m into it!”

When you think about gender fluidity, the luxury watch industry probably isn’t where your mind first takes you. But in the past 12 months, what size 1:1 UK Omega fake watches a man or woman chooses to wear is certainly becoming more interesting. Watch lovers are realising that tiny vintage flexes from brands like Cartier and Piaget look dope on the smaller wrists of cool celebrities, and it’s opening up internal thoughts about how small one could go.

It’s a conversation that Eddie Redmayne has faced himself. “It’s all proportionate. Despite my best efforts to go to the gym and have massive forearms, I’m not sure I can pull off a Daniel Craig style, watch” he jokes. “So, I’ve always preferred the proportionately scaled watches, and that’s one of the reasons I love this new high quality replica Omega Aqua Terra range watches, it instantly felt like a good fit.

“My wife loves wearing the men’s watches, too,” he adds. “She loves wearing them as a piece of jewellery, like a sort of a bangle almost. And I’m like, “can we share watches?” I have one of the perfect copy Omega [MoonSwatch] watches (the white and red Mission to Mars), and my wife nicks that occasionally, too,” he jokes.

The Good Nurse actor digs the Swiss movements Omega Aqua Terra replica watches’ classic shape and the vibrancy and punch such colours gives your wrist. Within the range, there are six new 38mm pieces including Redmayne’s favourite in Terracotta as well as a bling Sedna Gold version with 46 diamonds around the bezel and sandstone dial.

There are also six 34mm pieces – five steel in colours like shell pink and lavender – and a Moonshine Gold version on a blue leather strap, which Kravitz is a fan of. For your average watch buyer, size and colour are invariably the two biggest considerations – which is why Gregory Kissling – the brains behind so many Omega designs – is so happy with these new cheap Omega Aqua Terra Seamaster fake watches. “This model is more like a unisex model,” Kissling says. “For the bracelet, we wanted to give a more feminine look because in previous generations it was just a reduction of the size so it’s a big step for the ladies segment but it’s also more competent,” he adds. And while he doesn’t anticipate flocks of men buying the smaller 34mm size, he’s pleased that the options are available should men want to size down or women size up.

But Kissling is particularly keen to stipulate exactly why these new sun-brushed coloured dials are so special. “Usually we mix certain brushed and polished metals but in this case, everything is polished so it adds more luxury,” he says, before talking us through the new, slightly geeky sounding technologies that are behind these new pops of colour – PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition) and CVD (Chemical Vapour Deposition) for anyone who’s asking.

Kravitz may have been sold by the brand’s links to the Olympics, James Bond and multiple moon landings, but it’s this dedication to craftsmanship that has her hooked. “I think they really pride themselves on what they do. And I think luxury Omega replica watches’ craftsmanship comes first, and everything else comes second.”

Big or small? Sandstone, terracotta or lavender? Like the rest of us, seems like Zoë Kravitz is already into all AAA wholesale Omega super clone watches energies.

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