Omega Just Launched 20 New AAA Perfect Omega Constellation Fake Watches UK In 4 Sizes That All Have Meteorite Dials

While born from the mind of Gerald Genta, whose creations have become the ultimate ‘hype’ and trendy watches, the Omega Constellation, at least outside of the Asian marketplace, has not taken off in the same manner Seamaster, Speedmaster, and Aqua Terra have become fan-favourites. At least from my experience, I have yet to see a modern Omega Constellation in the wild and on someone’s wrist – whether at a watch fair or meet-up. But, Omega’s latest drop of 2024 top Omega Constellation replica watches has piqued my interest, and that is because all twenty new references, five configurations in 25mm, 28mm, 29mm, and 41mm sizes, utilise striking meteorite dials. And the pricing is much fairer than you might suspect.

Replica Omega Constellation Meteorite 41MM Watches

Working from the largest to the smallest, ’cause let’s face it, most of you reading this are primarily interested in the 41mm, the five options, I presume, will appeal to a wide range of tastes. The only size to exclude diamonds from the bezel, the five references can be found in either stainless steel with a grade 5 titanium bezel, stainless steel with a coloured ceramic bezel, or in full precious metal – either Moonshine gold (yellow) or Sedna gold (rose). On the heels of the Piaget Polo ’79, which costs US$73,000 at retail, the Moonshine gold luxury fake Omega Constellation Meteorite 41mm watches’ price of US$42,400 is very, very competitive. And it is not a random comparison considering each has that sort of gadroon feel in aesthetic. Also, Piaget is well-known for their mastery of stone dials – so even more of a gauntlet throw-down. Simmering down a bit, each has its own advantages. We may need to do a Versus on-site ASAP.

To declare five figures, albeit around US$30K less, great value is, of course, obscene outside of our niche world of enthusiasm. But, the good news is that the steel references, US$9,300 with a titanium bezel and US$9,700 with a ceramic bezel, while still a lot of money from a logical perspective, are at a price point many cheap Omega copy watches collectors ridden with ‘the sickness’ are willing to explore. My personal favourites are the ceramic-bezelled configurations, particularly the grey dial and black bezel variant.

If the range was 100 metres water-resistant, rather than 50 metres, I suspect many more collectors would heavily consider this model and range. But, ultimately, you have an evolved integrated bracelet design backed by an in-house Omega automatic Co-Axial Master Chronometer calibre livened up further with meteorite dials.

Fake Omega Constellation Meteorite 29MM Watches

Aside from the size and the ‘icing’ of the bezels, the 29mm models of the high quality UK replica Omega Constellation Meteorite watches have every bit of watch-snob authority as the 41mm models. While there is no exploration of ceramic, instead you have two two-tone models that join a steel-on-steel model alongside two full precious metal models. I hesitate to say this. but, being real, the 29mm models are given a heightened sense of femininity with their diamond bezels, diamond indices, and a rounded date window. But, again, do not sleep on the fact these 29mm models are still powered by an in-house automatic Co-Axial Master Chronometer calibre. They are also equally water-resistant to the 41mm range, with a depth rating of 50 metres.

I love the fact Swiss made Omega fake watches has a movement like the 8700 in their arsenal, it is basically a scaled-down 8901 aesthetically speaking. It offers 10 fewer hours of power reserve (50 hours instead of 60 hours), but it still has the same Geneva waves in arabesque decoration and METAS certification running within 0/+5 seconds per day and is highly anti-magnetic. More brands need to have such calibre dimension across sizing.
Omega Constellation Meteorite 25MM/28MM Replica Watches

The daintiest of the range, while still packing a powerful aesthetic punch is the 25mm/28mm models of the collection – ten total configurations all powered by Omega’s 4061 quartz movement with four years of autonomy. Like the 29mm models, you have the same case and bracelet assortment of steel on steel, two-tone, and full precious metal. You also continue to have diamond indices, a diamond-set bezel, and colourful meteorite dials. But, in the transition to quartz, both a date complication and central seconds hand are lost. These ten wholesale super clone Omega watches are hassle-free quartz two-handers you can throw on your wrist without having to worry about winding, you just have to change the battery, theoretically, every 48 months.

I think it is very cool that each size range has a different assortment of five dial colours. To be explicitly clear, you cannot mix and match. The twenty models you see above are the 20 models, there is no switching up of the dial colour. While the majority of you reading this, as I suggested earlier, are mostly invested in the 41mm size, the range of new best replica Omega Constellation Meteorite watches, the 41mm and 29mm models in particular, offer a chance for watch buyers to get a lesser-seen Omega design, with one-of-a-kind meteorite dials, at what I believe to be at fair pricing backed by enough quality spec. This collection has the potential to wake up to the community to the rest of the range as well.

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