Best Quality UK Replica Omega Speedmaster Apollo 8 For Sale

Zenith is doing a mighty good job today, and it is a brand that I respect a lot. I’d even consider a replica watch from a different brand with an El Primero movement. I’m not talking the Daytona here (I also don’t want a tweaked down version of the El Primero), but an Ebel chronograph, for example, or a vintage Movado. Anyway, I am here to push the other watch in this round — the best 1:1 fake Omega Speedmaster Apollo 8.

I love a good story, and I feel the UK AAA replica Omega Speedmaster Apollo 8 tells that story in a wonderful way. Which story, you ask? The race to the Moon, of course. In this case, it’s the story about super clone Omega Apollo 8 in which astronauts found themselves on the far side of the moon. The Moon-surface decoration of the caliber 1869 is something I’ve touched upon in earlier rounds.

It’s got what it takes
The movement, as you probably know, is a modern interpretation of the caliber 1861. It was high quality fake Omega’s previous Moonwatch caliber before it was replaced by the 3861. It’s a movement that has been tried and tested for many decades. Its predecessor, caliber 861, has been in production even longer than Zenith’s El Primero from 1969.

You might wonder — and some of you did — what this cheap copy Omega has to do with racing. Well, nothing, really. But it is a chronograph with a tachymeter, and it ticked all the other boxes to be a player in this contest. And look where it is now — in the quarter-finals!

I think it is now time to let the Omega replica for sale UK do the talking and you do the voting.

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