Throwback Thursday: UK AAA Replica Omega Speedmaster Ref.2915 ‘Broad Arrow’

The Speedmaster is, without a doubt, one of the most important and recognizable watches in the history of luxury fake Omega UK. However, when this particular Ref.2915 was made in 1958, its true claim to fame was still in the future.

That didn’t make the 1:1 replica Omega Speedmaster any less innovative when it was launched. It was the very first chronograph that had the tachymeter scale engraved on the bezel rather than printed on the dial. This increased the legibility of all the functions and was one of the reasons many professionals embraced it. This would later even include NASA, where one of the successors of this perfect copy watch would make history as the first watch worn on the moon.

The term ‘broad arrow’ comes from the hour hand of this AAA replica Omega Speedmaster Ref.2915. It is a bold statement that adds a great deal of character to the watch while even adding to its functionality. It is a tool super clone watch yet one with a generous dash of elegance. We also see this in the hands of the subdials, whose sword-like appearance perfectly fits this timepiece’s theme. The dial itself is rather restained, almost minimalistic. This is made that the overall design of this cheap fake Omega Speedmaster aged tremendously well.

Talking about aging, this particular Omega Speedmaster Ref.2915 fake for sale features a so-called tropical dial. This means that it shows a discoloration that is considered desirable. In this case, the original black dial changed quite evenly into a beautiful shade of chocolate brown. It matches perfectly with the discoloration of the luminous material on the hands and hour markers.

It makes the Omega Speedmaster replica online uk even more desirable than it already was, giving it the perfect vintage look. The cherry on top is the semi-expandable bracelet that came originally with this high quality fake Omega and is still fitted. As there is no distraction from a colored strap, the metal bracelet makes the dial the focus point while offering the full vintage experience for the person wearing it.

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