Hands-On: AAA Wholesale Replica Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean 6000M Ultra Deep Watches UK, Long Live The Big Diver’s Watches

In 2019 Omega launched the largest-sized and highest-performance version of its modern cheap UK replica Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean watches with a model known as the Ultra Deep. Widely seen as Omega’s answer to the Rolex Deepsea Challenge, aBlogtoWatch first went hands-on with the Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Ultra Deep in its titanium form here. Today I take my own look at the Planet Ocean Ultra Deep titanium as well as steel — and also to comment in general about the allure of these over-engineered diver’s watches.

Omega made a bit of a show when it came to testing these high quality fake Omega Ultra Deep watches by taking them deep underwater to the bottom of the Mariana Trench (again, something that Rolex more or less did before). It is not uncommon for Omega to be “directly inspired” by its arch-rival Rolex when it comes to both product and marketing decisions. The Ultra Deep watches are rated at having 6,000 meters of water resistance (about 20,000 feet), a number that gives this timepiece collection considerable bragging rights over much of the competition. Does anything or any person need that much water resistance in a timepiece either practically or fantastically speaking? Of course not — but that is hardly the point to us timepiece enthusiasts.

At a glance in images online, the Ultra Deep is very similar in style to most other luxury Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean replica watches that range in size all the way down to about 39mm wide. This ballooned version of the Planet Ocean is larger in all ways even when compared to its next largest model variant produced by Omega, which is the 43.5mm wide Planet Ocean 600 meters. The Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Ultra Deep case shape is slightly different between the titanium and steel versions, but the dimensions of them are similar as this largest Planet Ocean collection is 45.5mm wide and 18.1mm thick with 22mm wide lugs. The steel model has more traditional lugs and is designed to fit on either a matching steel bracelet or a fitted rubber strap and has a lug-to-lug distance of 51.9mm. The titanium version has a fixed lug structure, designed for a pass-through NATO-style strap, and it has a lug-to-lug distance of 56mm. Note that the steel version of the Ultra Deep (case, not including bracelet I believe) is 170 grams, while the titanium model is lighter at 123 grams. In addition to the different lug design, you can easily distinguish between the two models as the titanium Ultra Deep has a darker gray case with a matte finishing, while the steel case (produced using Omega’s “O-megasteel” alloy) is more traditionally contrast polished.

Quality and finishing for the Swiss movements Omega copy watches are excellent as these big beefy tool watches both look beautiful and offer a luxury feel to the otherwise functional package. With that said, Omega didn’t advance the Planet Ocean design language at all — mostly opting to super-size the dimensions and still have a watch that from afar more or less looks like the rest of the Seamaster Planet Ocean family. Around the dials are uni-directional rotating bezels with ceramic inserts, the colors of which range from model to model. Including the recent limited edition for the 75th anniversary of the Seamaster collection, Omega currently produces four dial versions of the Ultra Deep including white, blue-to-black gradient, blue-on-deep blue, and black-to-gray gradient with orange accents.

Powering the watch is Omega’s in-house made and high-performance caliber 8912 “Co-Axial Master Chronometer” movement. This METAS-certified automatic caliber operates at 4Hz with 60 hours of power reserve. There is no date display on the dial to keep the face of the 1:1 Omega replica watches more symmetrical and thus aesthetically pleasing. More practically, given the size of the watch compared to the movement, the date window would be somewhere closer to the middle of the dial.

On the wrist I found the Seamaster Planet Ocean Ultra Deep to be both comfortable and cool looking. A poor or loose fit on the wrist would have killed the appeal, but on the NATO-style or rubber strap the otherwise large case wears snugly against the wrist. On the steel bracelet, the fit might not be as snug for all wearers, so I recommend those for people with the largest of wrists. In any event, if you are like me and enjoy the fun-wearing experience of an overly tough diver’s watch, the Ultra Deep hardly disappoints. Indeed, we exist in an era where, according to some people, watch size preferences are going down. While a number of fine smaller top Omega super clone watches are coming out on the market, that doesn’t mean there isn’t still healthy demand for bigger timepieces like this. Don’t let anyone make you feel insecure about wearing a watch that might be too big or too small for someone else’s tastes. While I might not want to wear a nearly 46mm wide, 22mm thick timepiece on a daily basis, there is no shame in wanting to wear this Ultra Deep out and about like a regular sports beater watch.

Is it affordable? That’s the tougher part of the equation. Not that Omega timepieces are considered particularly value-priced by today’s standards, but the Ultra Deep steel is more than double the price of the next largest Planet Ocean which is the 43.5mm model (when calculating the price on a strap). The price difference between the 43.5mm best fake Omega Planet Ocean 600M watches in titanium and the 45.5mm Planet Ocean Ultra Deep 6000M titanium (both on straps) is currently $5,000 USD. Omega will argue that the testing, development, and more exclusive nature of the Ultra Deep merit the price increase. That may be so, but there is certainly a premium price here being levied on Omega’s biggest, boldest watch currently available for sale. If you are going for visibility but want otherwise classic-looking replica Omega watches for men on your wrist — and the Rolex doesn’t do it for you — then this Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean 6000M Ultra Deep is going to be a solid choice provided you don’t mind the price. The price for the Omega Planet Ocean Ultra Deep in steel on a strap is $12,300 USD, and $12,700 USD on a matching O-megasteel bracelet. In titanium on the strap the Omega Planet Ocean Ultra Deep is $13,600 USD.

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