Hands-On With The Oversized And Lightweight Perfect Swiss Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean GMT Dark Grey Fake Watches UK

Seemingly out of nowhere, to the surprise of many watch fans, the Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean GMT Dark Grey was announced in late October. This ultra-modern gray version of the Planet Ocean GMT presents an attractive overall aesthetic. The predominantly gray looks are achieved through an interesting combination of modern materials. Most strikingly, the best UK Omega replica watches has a gray silicon nitride ceramic (Si3N4) case and bezel insert with a titanium bezel ring, crown, and helium valve. It also houses the titanium Omega 8906Ti movement. Combined, these elements make this watch not only handsome but also significantly lighter than its steel counterparts. That’s more than enough reason to take this new Planet Ocean for an extensive spin!

Straight off the bat, let’s address the elephant in the room. When I first saw the images of the cheap fake Omega watches, I was intrigued by its looks. It’s an aesthetic that I like. Additionally, it is a GMT, which our regular readers know that I love, so it immediately piqued my interest. But when I saw the €24,700 list price, I was speechless. I immediately wondered why I would spend almost €25K on a Seamaster Planet Ocean. It’s a question that I had the chance to answer when the watch landed on my desk for an in-depth review. Would the luxury replica Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean GMT Dark Grey watches (ref. win me over? With a list price like that, the stakes were raised immediately.

The Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean GMT is Dark Grey at first glance.

As mentioned, the first thing that stood out to me was the overall gray aesthetic of the watch. I prefer it over the harsher look of the black ceramic Planet Ocean Deep Black models. The orange touches on the dial hint at the color that most of us immediately associate with the Planet Ocean line. Speaking of which, it has never been my favorite model line from Omega. Sure, it’s full of modern, capable dive Omega copy watches for men, but it never warmed my heart like the different Speedmaster collections, Seamaster Diver 300M, Aqua Terra, or Globemaster.

The Planet Ocean has an instantly recognizable design that feels familiar. But it’s also a modern design firmly rooted in post-millennial aesthetics. I find that it lacks a certain soul that can intrigue me on a deeper level. It’s not specifically a Planet Ocean issue because there are more Swiss made Omega replica watches out there that have that effect on me.

But that doesn’t mean I do not have my favorite in the Planet Ocean line. The first-generation 42mm model on a bracelet with an orange bezel is still a great first taste of the Planet Ocean. Additional favorites of mine were found on Daniel Craig’s wrist in Quantum of Solace and Skyfall.

An Omega GMT is a rarity

And the current Planet Ocean line? I have to be honest that it’s not on my radar that much. It is the one line in which Omega currently has GMT offerings, and that’s why I sometimes stumble upon the Planet Ocean GMT models. But while an addition to the lineup of Planet Ocean GMTs is worth mentioning, it’s hardly why this Omega super clone watches with Swiss movements is talked about so much.

Omega used a combination of Grade 5 titanium and silicon nitride ceramic [Si3N4] to reduce the weight of this large timepiece. And indeed, the size was another much-debated topic when this top replica Omega watches was announced. The 600m-water-resistant ceramic case measures 45.5mm wide, 51.5mm long, and 17.4mm in thickness. Seeing that final number was the second thing about this watch that left me speechless. In today’s watch landscape, that is thick.

First impressions of the Planet Ocean GMT Dark Grey

But after getting some first impressions up close, the overall proportions slightly softened the impact. On top of that, the best fake Omega watches only weighs 107 grams. That makes it significantly more wearable than the numbers might imply. Not to mention, visually, there is plenty of goodness to discover. The nicely sculpted ceramic case looks great thanks to the mix of brushing and polishing that Omega used on it.

The color and finishes help it avoid the cheap, plastic-like appearance that ceramic cases sometimes have. This case has a titanium crown at 3 o’clock and the much-debated helium escape valve (which is also titanium) at 10 o’clock. The latter has become a signature element of the Seamaster Professional divers that I do not mind.

The bezel is made of titanium too, and it has a ceramic insert in the same color as the case with lighter numerals for the diving scale. Furthermore, the Omega replica watches wholesale features a beautiful sandblasted titanium dial. The hour markers and hands are blackened and filled with white Super-LumiNova that lights up blue in the dark. The exceptions are the lume pip on the bezel insert and the minute hand. Both of these glow green, making them easy to recognize for divers underwater.

The dial also features a 24-hour scale on the rehaut, some nice orange details, and a date window at 3 o’clock with black printing on a white date disc. I would have preferred if the date disc’s color matched the dial, but when wearing the watch, it was a detail that did not stand out.

The Omega 8906Ti movement is made with titanium parts

If you turn the watch around, you get a good view of the special caliber 8906Ti that powers the Omega replica watches shop. As Robert-Jan explained in his introduction article, this new movement is based on the 8900 series. It is special because the mainplate and bridges are made of black ceramized Grade 5 titanium. The individual parts get their technical but beautiful finish thanks to laser ablation. It is fun to see the overall dark gray color scheme on the watch’s front and back.

Regarding specs, the Co-Axial movement operates at 25,200vph and has a 60-hour power reserve. It is a Master Chronometer caliber that is antimagnetic to 15,000 gauss and accurate to 0/+5 seconds per day (on average). Lastly, it’s a flyer GMT, so it has an independently adjustable 12-hour hand and a 24-hour hand for an additional time zone. It is a late addition to the substantial number of GMT divers unveiled in 2023.

Wearing the Planet Ocean GMT Dark Grey

So, what’s it like wearing this 2024 1:1 fake Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean GMT Dark Grey watches? First, sizing the gray textured rubber strap with its titanium fold-over clasp is easy. And once on the wrist, the lightweight clasp closes with a nice, secure click. Once closed, that’s where the mind trickery starts. Make no mistake, this is a super chunky piece. But it’s one that I can easily wear on my 19cm (7.5″) wrist. Yes, I still would have loved to see it quite a bit smaller and slimmer. It makes my doubts about buying the chunky 14.6mm Tudor Black Bay Pro almost laughable.

But as I said, the overall proportions make it somewhat acceptable from a visual standpoint. The lightweight materials also make it significantly easier to wear than a watch of the same size in steel. They ensure that while the case may be chunky, it will not annoy you with its weight. As a result, the Planet Ocean GMT Dark Grey was surprisingly comfortable. Nevertheless, I was left with mixed emotions after several days of wearing the watch.

Final thoughts on the Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean GMT Dark Grey

First off, the current design of the Planet Ocean line has been around since 2016, as Thomas explained in his Planet Ocean overview article. Consequently, creating a surprising impact for any new Planet Ocean model is hard. Regarding the new piece, I like the chosen aesthetic a lot; it is among my favorites in the line, along with the all-white and Summer Blue 39.5mm models.

But overall, I feel that the time is right to revamp the current Planet Ocean. Additionally, regarding the large dive AAA replica Omega watches, I think Omega has already moved on with the Planet Ocean Ultra Deep models. Those have been a welcome step forward in both specs and design.

It also raises the question of why Omega introduced this new type of ceramic in combination with a titanium movement for the Planet Ocean line. If the goal was to show that you can make a large, chunky dive watch very wearable thanks to lightweight, modern materials, then the brand succeeded. Still, it’s hard to think that would be the reason. Overall, I can’t shake the feeling that I would’ve preferred to see the combination of ceramic and titanium in a different line of watches.

But that still leaves us with an ultra-thick GMT diver that costs a whopping €24,700. I understand that the materials make it hard to produce at a large scale, which will increase the price. But €25K is so much money, especially compared to all the other Planet Oceans, including the Ultra Deep models. It makes it hard to get excited about the best quality fake Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean GMT Dark Grey watches apart from the combination of materials and the aesthetic. And that’s why it seems like a missed opportunity to create a brilliant version of a different Omega model that would inspire more excitement.

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