Vintage UK High Quality Omega Replica Watches

The decade saw the invention of a number of now-standard watch styles that simply didn’t exist prior to the 1950s because there was no need for them. But necessity is the mother of invention, so when divers, pilots and climbers came calling, watch brands were ready with dedicated dive watches, GMT watches, flight computers, explorer’s cheap UK Omega replica watches and more.

Replica Omega Speedmaster Watches

    Year Introduced: 1957

    Why It’s Significant: The first chronograph to feature an external tachymeter bezel, and a dozen years later, the first watch worn on the moon.

After the Rolex Submariner, the perfect fake Omega Speedmaster watches is arguably the most recognizable watch in the world — at least to watch enthusiasts. That’s largely because of its monumental status as the first watch worn on the moon’s surface, forever earning its place in history when Buzz Aldrin strapped his Speedy on his wrist before hopping off the lunar module during 1969’s historic Apollo 11 mission.

The best Omega Speedmaster copy watches’ association with space travel goes back even further than that. Astronaut Wally Schirra wore his own personal Speedmaster to space in 1962, and in 1965 NASA officially selected the Omega as the chronograph that would be issued to its astronauts for space flights after the watch outperformed competitors from Rolex, Breitling, Longines and others in a battery of tests.

The thing is, even if it weren’t for the Speedmaster’s now 60-year relationship with outer space, the top Omega replica watches would still be deserving of a spot on this list. The Speedy wasn’t initially designed with space travel in mind. It was launched as a racing chronograph, helping to pave the way for the motorsports craze that would greatly influence the watch world in the 1960s and 1970s.

The largest innovation from the 1:1 China Omega Speedmaster super clone watches was arguably its bezel, as it was the first watch to feature an external tachymeter bezel. This useful design feature, which made it easy to calculate speed using the chronograph, would become a hallmark of sporting chronographs moving forward. From the track to the moon and everywhere in between, the Speedmaster has been an icon for well over half a century.

Fake Omega Seamaster 300 Watches

    Year Introduced: 1957

    Why It’s Significant: Omega’s first professional dive watch, it transformed the Seamaster line from a dress watch into one of the world’s best-known sports watches.

With the tool watch race kicking into high gear in the 1950s, Omega found itself with some ground to make up as the end of the decade neared. The brand did so basically in one fell swoop, launching a “Professional” trio of Swiss movements Omega replica watches in 1957, each designed for a different demanding task. The Speedmaster was one of them, the lesser-known Railmaster — an antimagnetic watch aimed at railroad staff — was another, and the third was the Seamaster 300.

At this time, the best quality Omega Seamaster fake watches had been around for nearly a decade, first debuting in 1948 as a water-resistant dress watch. But the more specialized hobbies of the 1950s required more focused tools, and the Seamaster became a dive watch with the advent of the Seamaster 300.

The Seamaster 300 wasn’t necessarily revolutionary. It was a contemporary of the Rolex Submariner, released a few years after as a deliberate competitor, and it didn’t really rewrite the book on dive replica Omega watches for sale. But it became immensely popular as Omega’s first professional dive watch, and in the ensuing decades, Seamaster divers have had stints as a mil-spec diver issued to the British Navy in the 1960s and ’70s and as the official James Bond watch since 1995.

Today, the Seamaster is likely the second best-known dive watch in the world after the Submariner, and while the line contains a number of vastly different luxury Omega fake watches — from the Aqua Terra to the Planet Ocean to the Ploprof — the Seamaster 300 is the one most responsible for making “Seamaster” a household name.

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